Vigo is delighted to have been hired by Premaitha Health plc, the company enabling wide scale adoption of a safe, fast, accurate and complete CE Marked non-invasive prenatal screening system, to advise on capital markets communications.

Premaitha uses the latest advances in DNA analysis technology to develop safer and more accurate screening tests for pregnant women. Their IONA® test was launched in February 2015 and is the leading CE marked complete system which estimates the risk of a fetus being affected with Down’s syndrome and other genetic conditions. Unlike existing prenatal screening methods, due to its speed and high level of accuracy, the IONA® test can significantly reduce the number of women subjected to unnecessary invasive follow up diagnostic procedures which carry a risk of miscarriage.

The Premaitha account team is being led by Ben Simons and Fiona Henson.

“Premaitha is at the forefront of an emerging multi-billion pound market for non-invasive prenatal testing,” said Ben Simons, Director at Vigo. “Their leading CE marked system is gaining commercial traction around the world and Vigo is thrilled to be working with them at such an exciting time for their business.”