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UK firms have been advised to review their sustainability claims ahead of the regulatory crackdown that’s due to take effect at the end of next month. Bloomberg reports that the FCA has confirmed it is going ahead with its implementation of tightened anti-greenwashing rules despite significant backlash from businesses.

New research shows that strong climate rhetoric doesn’t always marry up with sustainability performance. Environmental organisation Bank Green reviewed more than 100 banking institutions in the UK based on their climate impact, concluding that some of the banks that prominently advertised their green credentials were among the worst offenders when it came to implementing sustainable policies. edie covers the story.

Net flows into European ESG Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) halved during the first quarter of 2024. Allocations represented only 16% of total new money collected by ETFs, down from 65% during highs of 2022. The new figures seem to be further evidence of the existential crisis facing ESG investing. The Financial Times covers the story.